Preston Ethical Spiritualist Church

Preston Ethical Spiritualist Church

Whether you are new to Spiritualism or a regular through our church doors, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you and invite you to explore spiritualism with us at our church in Preston. Enjoy our clairvoyant services or our special evenings of spiritual mediumship, divine service or our open circle where you can learn and practice mediumship yourself.

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Afternoon tea and bingo

Enjoy afternoon tea and bingo. More Info

Saturday 22nd June 2024 - 1pm to 4pm

Church open day

Cakes, hot food, interesting stalls and personal readings... More Info

Saturday 24th August 2024 - 10am to 4pm

Mediumship - Karen Drummond-Clynes and Doreen Hodkinson Tue 18th Jun 7:30 to 9pm
Divine Service - Kath Noonan Sun 23rd Jun 6:30 to 7:30pm
Mediumship - Kris Benn Tue 25th Jun 7:30 to 8:30pm
Open Circle Thu 27th Jun 7:30pm
Divine Service TBC Sun 30th Jun 6:30 to 7:30pm
Mediumship TBC Tue 2nd Jul 7:30 to 8:30pm
Divine Service - Valarie Lancaster Sun 7th Jul 6:30 to 7:30pm
Mediumship TBC Tue 9th Jul 7:30 to 8:30pm
Divine Service - Joyce Holden Sun 14th Jul 6:30 to 7:30pm
Mediumship - Chris Stephenson Tue 16th Jul 7:30 to 9pm
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The Seven Principles

The seven principles discussed at Preston Ethical Spiritualist Church
  1. Fatherhood of God
  2. (Essence of Life)
  3. Brotherhood of Man
  4. (Unity of Life)
  5. Communion of Spirit
  6. (Possibility of Contact)
  7. Continuous Existence
  8. (Spirit of Life Continues)
  9. Personal Responsibility
  10. (Obligation of Life)
  11. Compensation and Retribution
  12. (Incentive to do well)
  13. Eternal Progress
  14. (Progression Assured)
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What is Spiritualism

The meaning and perception of Spiritualism varies greatly from one individual to another. Some people consider spiritualism to be a kind of philosophy and others embrace it as a religion. For some the science behind mediumship and evidence of life after death becomes the primary focus of spiritualism. For others spiritualism takes the form of the study and attainment of spiritual wisdom.

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The History of Spiritualism

The fox sisters of Hydseville New York were instrumental in the initial creation and proliferation of the spiritualism movement. Their public demonstrations of physical mediumship attracted many people to the new and rapidly evolving concepts of spiritualism. More about the fox sisters.

The Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) is a 'not for profit' limited company which was registered in 1901 as a religious charity. The SNU supports, guides and unifies spiritualist churches across the United Kingdom. The SNU provides high quality guidance and training for healers, spirit mediums and teachers. SNU website.

Services at Preston Ethical Spiritualist Church

A free healing service is held at the church between 5pm and 6pm every Sunday. This is followed by a divine service which begins at six thirty. Open circle is held on the second and fourth Thursday of the month.
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